Galagidae – Galagos

The sister family of the Lorisidae (lorisids) are small nocturnal primates of sub-Sahara Africa

Not all primates are found in tropical forests; many of the members of the Galagidae family are found in drier savannas. These creatures of the night have bugged-out eyes, globular heads, and large membranous ears. Their weight ranges from a mouse (~60g – 2oz ) to a cat (~2kg – 4.5 pounds).

These active bushbabies are upright leapers and even rest in an upright position.

In Galagids, overt morphological diversity is lacking, and genetic data is limited (in most species). Their evolutionary history, phylogeny, and social structures have been poorly studied. Until recently, their species diversity was underrated. They have a loud and characteristic crescendo call, different vocal signals for various communication, and are unique for each species!