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Our friends and allies

  • This is My Earth is a nonprofit, international environmental organization founded in 2016 that offers every citizen of the world an opportunity to protect biodiversity for as little as $1 a year.

  • Palm Oil Detectives is a global movement empowering consumers to #BoycottPalmOil #Boycott4Wildlife every time they shop. By using your wallet as a weapon, you help indigenous peoples and endangered non-human beings who are on the edge of survival due to palm oil ecocide. POD is an enormous repository of information about greenwashing, corruption, human health and environmental risks associated with consuming palm oil, meat and dairy.

  • The Jaguar and Allies: Exploring the ‘human dimensions’ of conservation.

  • Consider subscribing to the Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary newsletter to stay up to date with all the latest happenings at the sanctuary!

  • Endangered Species International. Strongly committed to reversing the trend of human-induced species extinction, saving endangered animals, and preserving wild places. 98 % of our budget goes to our program activities on the ground to save endangered species and wild places.

  • DMAD – Marine Mammal Research Association is a non-profit and a non-governmental organization that aims to create an ecological consciousness through its scientific research and outreach activities. Our main research areas are the undiscovered seas of Turkey,  Montenegro, Albania and Zanzibar.

  • The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) is the world’s largest partnership for the protection of whales, dolphins, porpoises and their habitats. WCA Partners include dedicated grassroot NGOs, responsible whale and dolphin watching businesses, and passionate individuals and researchers who are all committed to making a positive difference for cetaceans.

  • ReptiFiles — Science-based and welfare-focused reptile care guides and other educational resources for reptile keepers.

  • Teach People to Be Kind and Concern About the Animal , Plants, & Our Last Earth