Ray-finned fishes

Home for over half of all living vertebrate species

Order Actinopterygii, the wondrous realm of ray-finned fishes dancing through the water with elegance and grace.

With over 30,000 known species, this diverse group boasts a signature feature: their intricate fin structures. Delicate rays extend from their fins, creating a mesmerizing display of movement as they effortlessly glide through aquatic landscapes. From the humble goldfish to the mighty marlin, Actinopterygii encompasses an astonishing array of sizes, shapes, and colors. Their advanced skeletal structure grants them flexibility and agility, enabling them to navigate through the depths with unparalleled precision.

Whether camouflaged masters of disguise or vibrant spectacles of nature, Actinopterygii captivates our imaginations, reminding us of the boundless wonders that lie beneath the surface of our blue planet.