Procellariiformes – Albatrosses & petrels

Home to some of the most endangered birds – led to the signing of the Agreement on the Conservation in 2001

This seabird order includes albatrosses, prions, petrels, shearwaters, and fulmars. Birds of this order are recognizable by their peculiar tubular nostrils and hooked bills, giving them the name ‘tubenoses.’ They differ in size and wingspan but are generally long-winged and short-necked.

Spending most of their time at sea, they come to the land only to breed. Albatrosses have been known to spend the first six years of their lives without touching the ground!

A characteristic feature of these birds is that they squirt an oily liquid from their stomach through their mouths when they feel threatened. Even babies tend to spray yellow stomach oil at visitors, including their parents!