Anseranas – Magpie goose

Is it a duck? Is it a goose? Or is it a wonder child of both?

The Magpie Goose is a unique species that is generally more terrestrial than other family members. This bird resembles a cross between a duck and a goose by appearance. However, it is more commonly thought to represent an evolutionary connection between Anatidae species and the more terrestrial screamers of the Anhimidae family.

The adult plumage is black and white. The head, neck, upper breast, wings, rump, tail, and thighs are all black.
White is seen on the underparts, underwing coverts, mantel, smaller upper wing coverts, and upper tail coverts.

The Magpie Goose frequents marshy places with lush vegetation in both fresh and brackish waterways. It’s common in the grasslands and floodplains of tropical rivers. The water levels in these places are frequently fluctuating. Therefore, this species is always close to the coast.