Anthracoceros – Black hornbills

Greek words that mean coal-black and horn conceptualized their name

You know how they say, the color black adds elegance to everything it touches. Of course, that applies well to dresses and decor, but if you demand an illustration for the same from the animal kingdom, the 5-membered genus of Hornbills, Anthracoceros, would be a good example. With bodies covered in black feathers, these birds also contain some specks of white near the tail region, as found in the Palawan Hornbill.

Since all five species under Anthracoceros have evolved in Asian countries, they are closely related to the Ocyceros Hornbill (Indian) species. In fact, these two genera make for sister taxa in a single clade of Hornbills and resemble each other substantially. Just look at their dark and beautiful contour feathers (feathers that cover a bird’s body, providing color), and you’ll spot the similarity in a beat.