Buceros – Asian hornbills

With wingspans double the size of your arms, these Hornbills can sweep you off your feet, quite literally

That bright yellow-billed feathered friend with a hollow casque (large extension present on the bill and head) that comes first to our minds whenever anybody mentions exotic birds belongs to the genus Buceros and is also famously known as the Great Hornbill. Apart from the distinct skull enlargements, they possess enormous wingspans, which run the same as the other two equally brilliant-looking Hornbills species that fall under this head.

This group of Hornbills is predominantly present in Asian countries, concentrated in areas with dense trees and untouched woodlands. In fact, due to their massive bodies, they rank among the largest arboreals (birds that love dwelling on trees) in the Hornbill family. No wonder bird watchers are keen on spotting these particular ones during their trips to the sub-tropical regions.