Hyperoodontidae – Beaked whales

The Cuvier’s beaked whale is the deepest diving mammal, reaching a depth of nearly 3km (1.85 miles) in a single breath

The beaked whale family is one shrouded in mystery. Of all species that are thought to exist, we only really know about 4. Beaked whales rarely surface, living in the open ocean waters, far from shore. They are extremely deep divers, penetrating the icy black depths far beyond the reaches of light.

They hunt squid and deep-sea fish and even pick off crustaceans from the bottom of the seafloor. Only male beaked whales have teeth used to win mates and not for eating! Instead of grabbing their prey, beaked whales are suction feeders. They use their tongue to create a vacuum in their mouths, sucking in their chosen target.