Pygoscelis – Brush-tailed penguins

The genus of ill-tempered tuxedo penguins

This genus consists of the three extant species Chinstrap, Adélie, and Gentoo Penguins, and two extinct species: Tyree’s penguin & Pygoscelis calderensis species. The plumage of all three species consists only of classic black and white colors.

They are found in the higher latitudes of the sub-Antarctic and the Antarctic, with Gentoos most northerly, Chinstraps a bit further south & Adelies further south than any other penguin. They are very social nesters with huge noisy breeding colonies. Pygoscelis have a simple vocal signature system, unlike non-nest builders. They are generally bold, boisterous, furious & protective.

All three Pygoscelis species have an IUCN threat status of Least Concern but suffer from climate change.