Cebidae – Cebids

Family of the intelligent capuchins and the agile squirrel monkeys

The family of highly skilled tool users Capuchins and exclusively cute Squirrel monkeys.

Cebids are primarily arboreal quadrupeds with proportionally larger brains to their body size. Their eyes are large with typical diurnal type retina and well-developed eyelids. In squirrel monkeys, the tail is exceedingly mobile, whereas Cebus use tails for balancing and steadying themselves.

They do not have any cheek pouches. Thumb is not opposable, but the great toe is highly opposable. Most Cebids are agile jumpers and runners; their movements are smoother and less jerky than marmosets and tamarins. Incredibly large troops distinctively characterize squirrel monkeys. The known geological range of Cebidae is upper Oligocene to recent.