Clupeiformes – Herrings & anchovies

Supports extensive fisheries worldwide, providing food and livelihoods for millions

Distinguished by their elegant, slender bodies, deeply forked tails, and shimmering silvery scales, this order of fish showcases a remarkable blend of form and function.

One of their most intriguing traits is the presence of oily flesh, a specialized adaptation that serves multiple vital purposes. This oily flesh contributes to buoyancy, enabling these fish to navigate the ocean depths precisely and serves as an energy reservoir for their extensive migrations. Whether embarking on epic journeys across vast expanses of open ocean or enduring the rigors of long-distance travel, this unique adaptation ensures their endurance and survival.

Adding to their repertoire of sensory tools is the lateral line system, an intricate organ that traces along their bodies. This sensory marvel plays a pivotal role in their underwater lives, aiding navigation and detecting subtle changes in water pressure. With this sensory advantage, they navigate the complex underwater world, responding to environmental cues with finesse.

From the temperate realms to the tropical havens of the seas, these fish have established a global presence. They inhabit an impressive array of marine environments, ranging from bustling coastal areas to estuaries’ brackish waters and the open ocean’s vast expanse. Some species are renowned for their epic migrations, forming colossal aggregations that captivate the imagination of marine enthusiasts and scientists alike. These gatherings, showcasing the awe-inspiring spectacle of marine biodiversity, underscore their pivotal roles in marine food webs and ecosystem dynamics.