Lophocebus – Crested mangabeys

Possibly only about 1300 of these individuals are present in the wild

Mangabeys are rather big quadrupedal monkeys with deep depressions beneath their cheekbones and pouches. Some species’ tails are almost the same length as the head and body, ranging from 40 to 90 cm (16-35 in) for the head and body and up to 11 kg (24 pounds) for males and 6 kg (13 pounds) for females. Mangabeys are very sociable creatures.

They use a particular vocal sac to communicate verbally with one another, and sometimes this vocalization—especially from the males—can be rather loud.

Mangabeys consume leaves, fruit, and seeds as food. Because of their huge front teeth, they can eat fruit that is too hard for other monkeys to chew.