Dromadidae – Crab-plover

This bird has learned how to use a spear and made it an extension of itself

The Crab Plover is a big wader with a distinctive pattern. When viewed from a distance, the huge head and massive bill of 5 – 6.5 cm (2 to 2.30 inches) give the impression of a long-legged gull.
Except for the black on its back and the primary feathers of its wings, which are visible in flight, the plumage is white. The eyes are black and big. Greyish tail, bluish-grey long legs, and partly webbed toes.
Both sexes have a lot in common.

Crab Plovers can be found on rocky shorelines, sandy beaches and islands, intertidal sandy flats and mudflats, estuaries, lagoons, exposed coral reefs, and estuaries. When breeding, it can also be found on sand dunes.