Giraffidae – Giraffes

Only two genera left, one patterned with patches, the other with stripes. In 1986 we found out they were related

Originally this family consisted of many species that lived all over Africa and Eurasia. Today, the forest-dwelling okapi and the giraffes remain. The okapi is solitary, except during mating season, and is only found in the Congo Basin. These animals are so reclusive that before 1901 they were nothing more than a myth.

Giraffes live in herds and are found exclusively in sub-Saharan Africa. Due to their long legs and even longer necks, they are the tallest living animals on earth. Both the okapi and giraffe have patterned coats for camouflage and long black prehensile(able to grasp) tongues that they use to strip the leaves of branches while feeding.