Glareolidae – Pratincoles & coursers

You can easily confuse the birds from this family for a wetland species even though they are 100% terrestrial

The birds of this family have a similar structure to other shorebirds. They are primarily terrestrial and most likely related to pratincoles, which have evolved from terrestrial to specialist aerial feeders, typically connected with significant rivers. However, except for the Australian pratincole (Stiltia isabella), primarily a rocky desert bird, coursers are more closely connected with dry environments than pratincoles. The Egyptian plover is particularly unique in that it is a course that lives on the banks and sandbars of Africa’s largest rivers.

Most pratincoles are found near bodies of water, such as big rivers or inland ponds. Even the desert-dwelling Australian pratincole, which seldom nests more than 1.6 km (1 mile) from the nearest body of water, falls into this category.