Gorilla – Gorillas

The largest great apes inhabits tropical Central Africa

Gorillas are robust and powerful animals with extremely strong chests. They are often seen in the wild beating their chest to attract females or to warn off intruders and rival males. Usually, males are twice as heavy as females, having black to grey hair and body coloration. Gorillas have long, muscular arms which are longer than their legs, and their face has big nostrils with small ears.

Gorillas are classified broadly into two species: the western gorilla and the rare eastern gorilla. The western gorilla has two subspecies: the western lowland gorilla (G. gorilla gorilla) and Cross River gorilla (G. gorilla diehli).

Similarly, the eastern gorilla also has subspecies: the lowland gorilla (G. beringei graueri) and the mountain gorilla (G. beringei beringei).