Gygis – White terns

Often called "Fairy Terns" or "Angel Terns" Because of their pure white plumage and graceful flight

White tern, a small seabird renowned for its striking beauty and graceful flight. It is most notable for its pristine white plumage, which gives it a delicate, ethereal appearance. The bird’s feathers are completely white, and its eyes are large and black, creating a sharp contrast that enhances its gentle look. The bill is slender and black, often with a blue base, adding to the bird’s distinctive and elegant profile.

This bird is found in tropical and subtropical oceans around the world, with a preference for remote islands. It is particularly common in the central Pacific, including areas like Hawaii, the Seychelles, and the Galápagos Islands. These birds are highly adaptable and can be seen flying over open water, near coral reefs, and around lush coastal vegetation. They are often spotted soaring gracefully in the sky, their white wings catching the sunlight as they glide effortlessly above the waves.

One of the fascinating aspects of the White tern is its unique nesting behavior. Unlike many birds that build elaborate nests, the White tern lays its single egg directly on a bare branch or other flat surface. This behavior is quite unusual and requires a high degree of precision and balance. The parents take turns guarding and incubating the egg, which remarkably stays in place without the need for a traditional nest. This nesting strategy may help protect the egg from ground predators, making it a clever adaptation to their environment.