Hemiprocnidae – Treeswifts

These not-so-social birds have unique characteristics that distinguish them from true swifts

Treeswifts are reserved and introverted birds with crests on their heads. They can easily be identified sitting on a branch with a deeply forked tail and long crossed wingtips. These insectivores are skilled in flying like their close relatives, true swifts. They have a broad gape (a fleshy area at the bill’s base), short bill, and large sensitive eyes that can help them spot prey even with dim light.

Occasionally treeswifts come out of their shells to socialize, breed, and forage in groups. However, unlike true swifts, they do not enjoy traveling long distances and foraging in the air. Instead, they perch in an open place and dart out to catch their prey. Bristles around their mouth also help in catching the prey.