Bubo – Horned owls

These fierce apex predators are the largest of the owls, with wingspans of up to 2 m (6.6 ft)

Due to their size and strength, they can hunt larger prey, such as hedgehogs and monkeys. Most species are characterized by ear tufts or horns that aren’t responsible for hearing. By increasing the owl’s height, the feather horns enhance its ability to intimidate the larger (often mammalian) aggressors.

These ear tufts also break the owl’s silhouette, enhancing the camouflage provided by their plumage. The owls also recognize members of their species by their ear tufts, plumage, and unique vocalizations. These owls enjoy a wide global range, found in the icy cold of the arctic circle, mountain ranges, and tropical and temperate forests across Africa, Eurasia, and the Americas.