Lepidoptera – Butterflies & moths

Symbols of transformation and beauty: a color and pattern-filled living canvas

Those fluttering colorful patterned scaled wings, can’t be confused with any other insect!

Distinguished by specialized mouthparts(proboscis) for feeding on nectar, and an amazing life cycle featuring complete metamorphosis. Lepidopteran evolutionary history extends back to approximately 190 million years, with ancestral forms during the Jurassic period.

Lepidopterans master mimicry, adopting colors and patterns to resemble other organisms or things that echo danger or camouflage. Adaptations like mimicry, camouflage, and warning coloration, contribute to their survival strategies against predators.

Lepidoptera plays vital roles in ecosystems as both pollinators and prey. They may influence crop yields, ecosystem dynamics, and contribute to biodiversity. Also, serve as important models in scientific studies, contributing to our understanding of genetics, physiology, development, ecology, and evolutionary biology.