Syrmaticus – Long-tailed pheasants

Large pheasants with prominent long tails usually live in evergreen forests in China, Japan, and Taiwan

Quiet yet agile large birds with a remarkably long silvery tail measuring up to 30 cm (12 in). Males have short spurs and red facial wattles. Females are dull and brownish. Some pheasants in the genus respond aggressively towards humans, like Reeve’s pheasant, while some become habituated towards the human feeding them, like Mikado Pheasant.

They may lead a solitary life or make pairs. The nests are built with dead material like twigs, and the female is responsible for incubating eggs and taking care of chicks. These pheasants forage on plants, small animals, invertebrates, and seeds like domestic chickens. Some pheasants are also introduced as ornamental and sports birds in other parts of the world.