Lamniformes – Mackerel sharks

Home to some of the most awe-inspiring and formidable sharks in the ocean

Sporting two prominent dorsal fins on their back, a ventral fin, five-gill slits along their sides, and a mouth that extends beyond their eyes, mackerel sharks are a spectacle of nature. One of their distinguishing traits is their lack of eyelids, setting them apart from certain other shark species.

What sets mackerel sharks apart even further is their ability to regulate their body temperature, allowing some of them to thrive in cold waters. This thermal advantage aids in their quest for food and enhances their swimming prowess.

Mackerel sharks encompass a diverse array of species, each with its own unique quirks. Among the most renowned members of this group are the great white, goblin, megamouth, and basking sharks. These creatures exhibit a wide range of sizes, with some measuring as modest as 36 in (3 ft), while others extend to a staggering 12 m (39 ft) or more. Their diets and behaviors vary depending on their habitat and physical characteristics. Some are fierce predators, targeting fish, seals, and even fellow sharks, while others adopt a filter-feeding approach, ingesting plankton and minute organisms. Additionally, the swimming capabilities of mackerel sharks range from swift and graceful to lethargic and unhurried. Their preferred habitats span from coastal regions to the deepest reaches of the ocean, making them a captivating subject of study for marine enthusiasts and scientists alike.