Mystacinidae – New Zealand short-tailed bats

Containing only two species (one which might already be extinct), this is the family of New Zealand short-tailed bats

As per their name, they have short tails, are found in New Zealand, and have the ability to hide their wings. Hiding wings must mean they are shy of flying, and they are. They spend most of their time walking around on the ground to find something to eat. These bats are also known to burrow from time to time.

Unlike the other bats that are found in New Zealand, these bats do not show prolonged hibernation and have also been observed actively foraging on relatively warm winter nights. Their diet consists of resting and flying arthropods, minuscule amounts of fruit, nectar as well as pollen. They sometimes also forage on carrion. Known also as the thumbless bats – these bats have dark-gray fur and a thumb that is folded into their wing.