Nasalis – Proboscis monkey

Its exaggerated nose has been a subject of scientific intrigue and debate

A captivating primate species found in the dense mangrove forests and swampy regions of Borneo, Southeast Asia. The most eye-catching feature of this monkey is its long, pendulous nose. In adult males, this nose can grow up to about 11 cm (4 in) in length, while females have smaller ones. While scientists have debated its exact purpose, it is believed that this unique nose serves multiple functions. Primarily, it acts as a vocal resonator, enhancing the monkey’s communication in the noisy forest environment. Additionally, it may play a role in attracting mates, as the size of the nose can indicate social status and fitness.

In addition to their distinctive noses, Proboscis monkeys have a striking appearance, with fur that ranges from fiery orange to brown and a noticeable potbelly. This physique is a result of their herbivorous diet, which consists mainly of leaves, fruits, and occasional insects. Their digestive system has adapted to process these complex plant compounds efficiently.