Cricetidae – New World rats

The family of New World rats and mice, voles, hamsters, and relatives -sounds like a mouthful, no?

One of the most diverse and largest families of mammals, containing nearly 681 species in 130 genera and 6 subfamilies. Inhabiting a broad range of habitats, these rodents can be present in all dry, wet, warm, and cold climates where they can be found in grasslands, agricultural fields, forests, deserts, human habitations, beaches, lakes, streams, marshes, swamps, and bogs.

These rodents give birth to large litter sizes when compared to many other mammal families. Infants are often born unable to see, bald, and helpless. Even their diets range widely, with some species being herbivorous, others being omnivorous, and still, others being insectivorous.