Oriolidae – Old World Orioles

Orioles of the warmer parts of the Old World

Previously the family was composed simply of the Old World orioles and figbirds; recent genetic studies added Pitohuis. The oriolids are medium-sized songbirds with bright colors, hooded appearance, and curved beaks.

They live arboreal life, inhabiting wooded habitats from woodlands, and wet rainforests to open savanna and city parks. Oriolids feed on various foods and are opportunistic while feeding. Fruits, berries, nectar, arthropods, and small animals make their diet. Figbirds are strictly frugivores.

Breeding oriolids are territorial, monogamous, and share parental care. Their cup-shaped nests are suspended from the fork of a branch. 19% of the oriolids face serious conservation issues; restricted ranges threatened with habitat conversion are the main reason.