Pedetidae – Springhares

Q: What has a rabbit’s face bounces like a kangaroo but is a rodent? A: A Springhare!

Springhares live in the dry scrub and grasslands of Eastern- and Southern Africa. Each springhare digs its burrow and seals the entrance with sand to ensure its safety while asleep inside. After the sun sets, the springhares scamper out to forage on grass, bulbs, and roots but always stay close to their burrows.

While eating, they sit upright, holding their food in their front paws. Their tails are longer than their bodies to support them while seated. At the first sign of danger, the springhare uses its longer back legs to leap back to its burrow. With each kangaroo-like leap, the springhare travels 2-3m (6.6-9.8ft), thus the name!