Phascolarctos – Koala

The cute iconic Australian nappers at risk after government fails to protect its home

An arboreal folivorous cuddly, fuzzy mammal with a pouch for its offspring is one of the world’s most diversified animals. Koala has one of the most miniature brains compared to the body weight of any mammal, as the brain is less than 0.2% of their total body mass.

Due to its specialized diet, which consists primarily of Eucalyptus species’ foliage, this native Australian inhabits forests and woodlands predominated by eucalyptus species.

However, they are no longer as common throughout Australia as they once were; now, patchy populations are in the east.

Millions of koalas were murdered for their fur in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland during the late 19th-early 20th century.

Despite threats like disease, bushfires, and extensive habitat damage occurring for more than a century, there is no national recovery strategy for their conservation.