Pitangus – Great kiskadee

This bird is a real chatterbox, constantly announcing its presence with its loud, three-part call – "kis-ka-dee!"

A vibrant and lively bird that instantly grabs your attention with its bright colors and cheerful behavior. Found mainly in Central and South America, this bird is easily recognized by its striking appearance. It sports a vivid yellow belly that stands out against its brown wings and back. Its head is adorned with a bold black and white striped pattern, with a broad black band running through the eyes, giving it a masked look and a white crown on top. The bill is large and black, perfect for catching a variety of prey.

Great Kiskadees are versatile eaters. They enjoy a diet that includes insects, small fish, and fruits. You can often spot them swooping down to catch insects in mid-air, diving into water for fish, or plucking fruits from trees. Their feeding habits make them fun to observe, as they are always on the move, darting and diving with impressive agility.

In addition to their hunting skills, Great Kiskadees are also known for their playful and curious nature. They often explore their surroundings with a keen interest, investigating anything that catches their eye. This curiosity sometimes brings them close to human habitats, where they can be seen peering into windows or hopping around gardens.

The Great Kiskadee is a bird of many habitats. It thrives in a variety of environments, from open woodlands and savannas to urban areas and wetlands. This adaptability makes it a common sight in many regions, where it adds a splash of color and a burst of sound to the landscape. Their nests are usually built in trees or shrubs, carefully constructed with twigs, grass, and other plant materials.