Erythrotriorchis – Red goshawks

Unlike other hawks, they resemble an owl (looks-wise) more than an eagle

These birds are not only admired for their aesthetic appeal but also for their remarkable hunting abilities. They are medium-sized raptors with powerful, broad wings and long tails, which give them incredible agility and speed in flight — characteristics that make them formidable predators.

Their feathers, adorned with various shades of red and russet patterns, serve more than just an ornamental purpose. These colors offer camouflage within their natural habitats, which often include wooded and forested areas. The reddish tones blend with the foliage and the dappled light that filters through the tree canopy, allowing them to remain inconspicuous as they stalk their prey.

Red goshawks are known for their acute vision, which is essential for spotting potential prey from their perches high in the trees. They have evolved to become adept at observing and tracking movement from great distances. Once they lock onto a target, they can launch a sudden and direct attack with lethal precision. Their diet is varied, consisting of birds, including parrots, and small mammals, which they can snatch from the trees or the ground.

The hunting strategy of the Red goshawk can be quite sophisticated, particularly when they hunt in pairs. In such a scenario, the male and female may work in tandem, exhibiting extraordinary coordination. For example, the male might flush out the prey, manipulating it to fly in a certain direction, while the female lies in wait to ambush the unsuspecting target. This coordinated hunting effort increases their chances of securing a meal and is a behavior that is particularly well-documented during the breeding season when the demand for food is high to feed their young.