Psittacula – Rose-ringed parakeets

All the species could easily be identified by unique colored heads and distinctive rings around their neck

The brightly green-colored parakeets could easily camouflage with green leaves if they keep it down a bit (which is unlikely for these noisy birds). The most common feature observed among most species includes greenish plumage with hints of other colors like blue, red, and grey around the head and feathers. Some species, like blue-winged parakeets, have breathtaking bluish-grey plumage.

Newton’s parakeet is another beautiful bluish parrot specie in this genus that sadly got extinct. They have a red or yellowish beak, short feathers, and a long tail. The long-tailed parakeet has red cheeks, black stripes around the eyes and neck, and a distinctively long tail (comparable with other related species). The rainbow parakeet resembles the giant Alexandrine parakeet with reddish patches on its shoulders.