Anhimidae – Screamers

You wouldn’t want to attend their concert for sure

Large waterbirds with a wingspan of 1.6 m (5.5 ft) and a length of 0.76m – 0.9m (2.5 to 3 ft). They have the body of a goose and the head of a chicken. Their beak is small and hooked, and their legs are long and thick, with three front and one back toe. A small amount of webbing connects the front toes. Screamers have a crest of feathers on top of their head and two sharp, curving spurs on their wings. They use the spurs on their wings to battle for territory and mates.

This family has three species. They may be found in tropical and subtropical marshes, grasslands, and flood plains across South America. Screamers are named after their incredibly loud vocalizations, which may be heard up to two kilometers away.