Stercorarius – Skuas & jaegers

This family is proficient in robbing other birds of their prey and devouring anything they can get

A family of medium to large dark brown seabirds with white underparts in some color stages. They have long, pointed wings and long to medium-length tails, with enlarged middle tail feathers in the Stercorarius species. Their bills are medium in length, robust, and hooked, with short legs and webbed feet. They’re pelagic, meaning they live near the shore and reproduce on islands or inland tundra.

Mammalian, insect, egg, fish, and carrion are among the foods they eat, which they typically get by pursuing and robbing other birds. Then, they build their nests on the ground. All members of this family breed in northern Europe, Asia, North America, southern South America, and the sub-Antarctic islands.