Cygnus – Swans

This symbol of love have a higher divorce rate than most birds

The Swan is an essential feature of our urban parks and most of our region’s waterways. However, this lovely white bird is a wild animal with behavior and habits that aren’t necessarily compatible with living in city parks.
When breeding season arrives, the male gets violent to protect his family. Therefore, if we come upon a nest near the route, we must be cautious and take a detour.

Adults may occasionally emit loud hisses or whistles and yelps, similar to puppies. Because of the straight trachea, these noises do not travel far.

In the species of Mute swans, pair bonds are not for life. Instead, the male may have four partners or even divorce for the sake of another woman. Then, for at least one season, they remain together. The ancestors of almost all the modern domestic geese