Burhinidae – Stone-curlew (Thick-knees)

Members of this family have an extraordinarily girthy legs giving them a unusual appearance

Long-legged, with three short, thick toes and a pointed beak, these birds have a sharp bill. They have a strong bill and a lower mandible that is significantly upswept. Thick knees all feature a spherical head on a slender, waisted neck, a large, hefty body, and long tails that are narrow and tapered when closed and pointing slightly downwards.

Bold plumage patterns are created by big, round eyes, a pale bill base, and varied combinations of stripes above, through, and below each eyThethe head stripes are more noticeable at a distance. Still, up close, the piercing eye is the most striking feature. A broad iris shrinks dramatically in low light, opening a huge pupil, yet it transforms into a dazzling yellow or amber disc in strong sunlight.