Crocodylus – True crocodiles

Armored tanks of the animal kingdom – home of the biggest crocodilians with the strongest bite on earth!

Crocodylus is a genus of true crocodiles consisting of species spanning tropical and subtropical regions of North, Central, and South America, Africa, and Asia. They are medium to large, semi-aquatic, predatory reptiles having scaly, armored skin and powerful jaws with sharp teeth.

Their habitat varies depending on species but commonly includes rivers, wetlands, brackish and freshwater lakes, swamps, lagoons, and estuaries. They are ambush predators, and their diet consists mainly of fish, mammals, and birds.

During the breeding season, The females dig a hole in the ground to use as a nest where they lay their eggs. Both parents protect the eggs and hatchlings.

Many species are threatened and endangered due to excessive hunting, habitat destruction, and fragmentation for agricultural use.