Psophiidae – Trumpeters

They rely on monkeys to drop some fruits on the forest floor as they are not adapted to fly high

Trumpeters are ground birds with large humped backs, plump bodies, long legs, toes, and short bills. They are often spotted in South America’s rainforests (particularly lowlands). The areas near water bodies and many fruit trees are preferred to make homes. Flying is not their favorite thing; hence they forage (fruits or small animals) for whatever is easily accessible on the ground.

This family has three species of trumpeter: Grey-winged trumpeter, Pale-winged (or white-winged) trumpeter, and Dark-winged trumpeter. They make shrilling sounds acting either as danger alarms or territorial calls. Trumpeters love socializing; thus, they often dine together, preen, and engage in mock fights. However, they are defensive and quite aggressive against territorial attacks.