Phasianus – Pheasants

These birds are highly popular game birds

Medium-sized pheasants present through much of Asia but has also been introduced to Europe and the Americas due to the common pheasant’s popularity as a game bird.

Due to their primarily terrestrial nature, they prefer open areas with access to water, such as forest edges, scrub, grasslands, and agricultural areas. Often, they forage singly or in small groups in the early morning and evening by scratching the ground with their bill, picking off seeds, leaves, shoots, roots, and insects.

They show high degrees of sexual dimorphism, with the males flaunting vibrant plumage while the females bear dull coloration. The mating system is harem and polygamy type, where females form groups called ‘harems’ that approach a male’s territory. The males defend the harem under his territory. Females are solely responsible for taking care of and feeding the offspring.