Chlorocebus – Vervet monkeys

Famous for their ability to vocal signaling

Any of the seven widely widespread semi-arboreal African monkey species that belong to the genus Chlorocebus are commonly known as vervet monkeys or savanna monkeys. Vervet monkeys are quadrupedal and may be found in savannas and dry deciduous woods throughout sub-Saharan Africa. They may be found as far south as South Africa or as far north as Egypt.

Because they are found in open areas or woodlands rather than rainforests, these mostly ground-dwelling monkeys are frequently referred to as savanna monkeys. Vervet monkeys may adapt to urban settings in some instances.

Vervet monkeys are omnivorous, eating mushrooms, tiny animals, plants, insects, and other invertebrates. Foraging in groups is widespread. Many powerful predators feed on vervet monkeys, such as pythons, birds of prey, and leopards. Sometimes, humans too.