Common wombat

Most widespread wombat species, and has a large, naked snout


Common wombat


Most widespread wombat species, and has a large, naked snout

Population 100,000 – 300,000

The common wombat is one of the three extant species of wombats and also the only species in its genus.

Common wombat is mysterious and full of surprises; they may look stocky but can run at speeds of 40 km/h (25 mph). They can be found in the cooler and watered parts of southern and eastern Australia, which includes Tasmania. Still, this species is declining in western Victoria and South Australia.

Common wombats in the wild are tough and constructed close to the earth. They may grow between 80 to 130 cm (2.62 to 4.27 ft) tall and weigh between 17 to 40 kg (38 to 88 pounds) when completely mature. Its bald nose distinguishes it from both hairy-nosed wombats.


Population est.

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