De Winton’s golden mole

Has not been located for more than 50 years and is considered one of the “top 25 most wanted” by conservation group Re: Wild

Despite their common name, De Winton’s golden mole is unrelated to the moles. Their name is “golden” because they have oily secretion that lubricates the fur to give an iridescent sheen. Most of them are not golden; they have short, dense fur that is slate grey with a yellowish tinge. Even though they are blind, they have distinctive skeletal characteristics that allow them to detect prey by enhancing underground hearing.

They are mainly threatened by habitat destruction due to large-scale alluvial diamond-mining operations. To make things even worst, they only occupy one locality. They are listed as Critically endangered, but they might already be extinct.


Population est.
South Africa
Possibly Extinct: Northern Cape Province

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Terrestrial / Aquatic

Altricial / Precocial

Polygamous / Monogamous

Dimorphic (size) / Monomorphic

Active: Diurnal / Nocturnal

Social behavior: Solitary / Pack / Herd

Diet: Carnivore / Herbivore / Omnivore / Piscivorous / Insectivore

Migratory: Yes / No

Domesticated: Yes / No

Dangerous: Yes / No