Eastern tree hyrax

It seems they’re also struggling to follow a sleep/wake schedule


This adorable species likes to dwell in woodlands with plenty of trees. Unfortunately, human actions (deforestation) have resulted in population declines in locations like Tanzania’s Udzungwa Mountains. We still don’t know much about their reproduction habits, but the study indicates that this species might be monogamous or polygamous, with no restrictions on the breeding season. This species is relatively sedentary, spending just around 16% of the day engaged in daily activities.

Males and females have distinct activity peaks, with females being most active at midday and males being most active early daybreak. Moreover, both sexes utilize their scent glands to mark territory and communicate. They also play an essential role in the ecosystem by dispersing the seeds of the fruits they eat. Their waste is rich in calcium carbonate, which is critical for nutrient cycling.


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