Golden-rumped elephant shrew

Despite their small size, they’re known for agility and speed, enabling them to evade predators and navigate their environment with ease

Joseph Smit

A fascinating small mammal found in the forests and savannas of East Africa. Despite its name, it is not related to shrews but belongs to a unique group called elephant shrews. One of its distinct characteristics is its long, flexible snout, which it uses to probe and search for insects and other small invertebrates in the leaf litter. This adorable creature has a compact body, long hind legs, and a short tail, allowing it to move swiftly and gracefully through its habitat.

The golden-rumped elephant shrew boasts a beautiful golden-orange patch on its rump, which gives it its name and adds a touch of vibrant color to its appearance. This distinctive marking helps individuals of the species recognize each other and may play a role in communication and territorial displays. Additionally, it has large, round eyes and large, mobile ears, providing excellent sensory capabilities to detect potential threats and locate prey.


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Terrestrial / Aquatic

Altricial / Precocial

Polygamous / Monogamous

Dimorphic (size) / Monomorphic

Active: Diurnal / Nocturnal

Social behavior: Solitary / Pack / Herd

Diet: Carnivore / Herbivore / Omnivore / Piscivorous / Insectivore

Migratory: Yes / No

Domesticated: Yes / No

Dangerous: Yes / No