Red-bellied grackle

Their distinctive red bellies and lively behavior add a splash of color and charm to the diverse avian community of the Amazon rainforests

Francesco Veronesi

These birds are primarily found in the Amazon rainforests of South America. One distinct characteristic of the Red-bellied grackle is the striking red coloration on their bellies, which contrasts vividly against their black and white plumage. This vibrant feature sets them apart from other birds and makes them a captivating sight in their natural habitat.

Red-bellied tanagers are medium-sized birds with stout bodies and short, strong beaks. They primarily feed on fruits, insects, and nectar, using their beaks to forage through the forest canopy. These birds are highly vocal, emitting a variety of calls and songs to communicate with each other and establish their territories. They often form small groups and can be seen hopping between tree branches in search of food.


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