Spinner dolphin

Acrobats of the ocean can spin up to seven times in the air

Giles Douglas

The spinner dolphin is a tiny, thin cetacean with a triangular dorsal fin and a relatively long, slender snout. Depending on the region, this species has a wide range in size and coloration. However, all spinner dolphins have white or light gray underparts and a dark gray or light gray back and flanks. From the eye to the flipper, these creatures have a deeper gray band bordered above by a narrow pale stripe.

This lively mammal is the most often-seen cetacean in certain tropical open waters. The animal is well recognized for its acrobatic feats, which include riding a bow or spinning very high in the air.
These piscivorous (fish-eating) cetaceans mostly eat animals that migrate vertically. Along with epipelagic and mesopelagic squid and shrimp, they also eat mesopelagic fish.


Population est.
Indian ocean
Pacific ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of Mexico
Red Sea

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