Psittacidae – New world and African parrots

The colorful parrots in this family are primarily green; however, some have blue, yellow, and gray colors

You’ll find brightly colored beautiful parrots in Psittacidae ranging in size from 10-100 cm (4-40 in). Ara macaws are giant parrot, while Pacific parrotlet (Forpus parrotlets) has a comparatively diminutive size. Most birds have hooked bills, muscular tongues, and zygodactyl feet (two toes pointing backward and two forward) for gripping.

They can learn sounds, words, and tunes and mimic people. This ability doesn’t serve them well as it makes humans interested in keeping them as pets. The birds that live in captivity demand care, love, and attention. The social, loud, and active nature makes it challenging to live in small cages; therefore, you must think before buying these birds as pets.