Aix – Wood & Mandarin duck

Models for study sexual dimorphism (difference between sexes)!

Aix is a duck genus that includes two species: the wood duck (Aix sponsa) and the Mandarin duck (Aix Chinensis) (Aix galericulata). Aristotle used the Ancient Greek term ‘aix’ to refer to an unknown diving bird.

This genus belongs to the waterfowl order and was earlier put in the category of perching ducks, a mix of shelducks and dabbling ducks.

Both species migrate from the northern sections of their ranges to the southern parts of their ranges to spend the winter. They like peaceful woodland streams and ponds to live in.

The two species, especially the multi-colored drakes, seem quite appealing. Females are smaller and not as colorful as males in this species, demonstrating strong sexual dimorphism (differences between sexes).