Alcelaphus – Hartebeest

They enjoy a sedentary and lazy lifestyle but run fast if they sense danger

In Dutch language, ‘harte’ means ‘deer’ and ‘beest’ means ‘beast’; therefore, the name ‘Hartebeest’ signifies the physical appearance of these medium-sized antelopes. The long legs, slouchy back, and long, narrow face followed by two prominent and magnificent horns make their identification easier. Despite the awkward body posture, this species runs swiftly up to 70 km/h – 45 mph (one of the fastest antelopes).

Hartebeest likes to hang out in large groups ranging from a few hundred to thousand individuals — depending on food availability. Families include all characters, including territorial adult males, non-territorial adult males, females, and male/female young. The territorial males are sensitive about their territories and are ready to fight intruders.