Ursidae – Bears

Bears share this family with Giant pandas, that are almost entirely vegetarian

Bears present an iconic image and have been part of our culture and civilization from a very early—symbolizing power, strength, and love. In contrast, pandas feel cute and might eat some bamboo leaves later. Bears are sturdy and bulky; multiple layers of fat and fur protect them from chilly climates but don’t be misled by this mirage of a figure because a bear can outrun even Usain Bolt at full speed; what’s more, you ask?

Bears are dextrous swimmers and climbers too. Even if you can escape, remember that a bear can smell your camp from as far as 32 km (20 miles). But don’t be too scared; bears are not generally interested in killing humans (you still don’t wanna attract their attention, though).

Bears have a specialized nose with an excellent sense of smell (also have good eyesight and hearing ability). These omnivorous species have a sweet tooth and love honey.