Carnivora – Carnivores

Kings of the animal kingdom!

These animals are mostly true to their name—which simply translates to ‘meat-eating’ in Latin—with a few exceptions, like pandas and raccoons. Topping all food chains, sometimes called “predators”, some can be the most dexterous and ferocious of killers (fit to be titled the ‘King of the jungle’) or the greatest of human companions so that even the title ‘Man’s best friend’ appears an understatement.

Carnivora is home to some of the most iconic animal species, ranging from faithful dogs, adorable pandas, ruthless lions, and omnivore bears to even surprisingly intelligent seals—just to name a few. The smallest Carnivora species (least weasels) weigh about 35 grams (1.2 oz), while the largest (male southern elephant seals) weigh about 3,600 kg (8000 pounds).

All in all, they are the glory of the Animal kingdom, and without them, not only will nature’s balance go wild, but the word ‘animal’ itself won’t make sense anymore.